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Sima Aktar
Jul 28, 2022
In What kind of Jade is it ?
What is a virtual host? Virtual hosting refers to dividing the network server into independent spaces and renting them to users for placing sites, application components, etc., and providing site functions and data storage and transmission functions necessary for website construction. The emergence of virtual host technology is a major contribution to Internet technology and a blessing to the vast number of Internet users. Because multiple virtual hosts share the resources of a real host, the hardware costs, network maintenance costs, and communication line costs for each user are greatly reduced, and the Internet has truly become a network that everyone can afford! The so-called virtual host, also email list called "website", is to divide a server running on the Internet into multiple "virtual" servers, each of which has an independent domain name and a complete Internet server (supporting WWW, FTP, E-mail, etc.) function. Different virtual hosts on a server are independent and managed by users themselves. But a server host can only support a certain number of virtual hosts, when the number is exceeded, users will experience a sharp drop in performance. Virtual hosting technology is a technology used by Internet servers to save server hardware costs. Virtual hosting technology is mainly used in HTTP services. It logically divides a certain or all service content of a server into multiple service units, which appear as multiple servers externally. , so as to make full use of server hardware resources. If the division is at the system level, it is called a virtual server.
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